5 Extreme Gadget Gifts for the Adventurer in Your Life

There is no question that high tech gadgets have infiltrated each and every corner of our life including even our favorite adventurous activities. Some people may say that carrying these devices with us on our hikes, camping trips and outdoor escapes defeats the reason for adventure in the first place but many of these gadgets can make our time outdoor safer and more enjoyable. August is usually the hottest month making it perfect time for hiking, camping, scuba diving, surfacing, you name it! This period ensures warm weather and is ideal conditions favors adventure. There are all sorts of products that have hit the market in recent years to make your adventure trips much more memorable and exciting. Whether you desire to document your travels, want protection from the elements or a portable way to stay connected to your family and friends back home, here are the best gadgets for the best adventure in your life.

Panasonic Lumix TS5 Tough Digital Camera

Some adventures are very memorable that you want to share the experience with everyone. Built to withstand the demands of any outdoor adventures, the Panasonic Lumix TS5 is a great camera for any season. Not only does it take excellent photos, it has also been built to with a capability to withstand plenty of abuse as well. This camera is waterproof down to 43 feet, dust proof, shockproof to 6.5 feet and also freeze-proof from 14 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it a great camera to take with you on any adventure especially when you don’t want to risk your Smartphone. The camera has a 16 megapixel sensor and is capable of capturing 1080p video, features 4.6x optical zoom and has a built in WiFi for sharing photos to your friends. Throw in a perfect 3 inch display and an easy operating system and you end up with a camera specifically designed with the outdoor adventure in mind.

VeryKool’s RS75 Rugged Smartphone

Cell phones are also part of the adventure. VeryKool’s RS75 is a rugged, unlocked Android phone that does not require any contract. This means you can take it anywhere in the world and you won’t pay for any pre-installed features you never use. It is waterproof as well as dustproof meaning that it can withstand the most extreme adventures.

Trackstick Mini

This is another tiny gadget that is very useful to travelers. The 3.5 inch gadget records each and every step, stop times, speed direction and altitude through a GPs technology. When adventures are over, just plug it into you’re the USB port of your computer and watch it geo-tag your travels all around the world through its unique Trackstick Manager program that is fully integrated with Google Maps, Google Earth, Microsoft Live and many more.

Eton FRX2

The question is not what can this device do for you, but what it can’t do? With an electricity generating hand prank, a solar panel and a rechargeable battery, charging your tablet or phone out in the wilderness has never been easier. Jam out to your favorite AM, FM or NOAA weather band radio stations from the built in speaker or preferably plug in headphones if you want to keep the tunes to yourself. The FRX2 has built in flashlight to help you navigate the campsite at night and also has a glow in the dark locater so you can find it from anywhere.

OtterBox 3510

Now that you have got your technology tools, you need a tech tool box to store your gadgets. OtterBox 3520 is waterproof, crush proof polycarbonate is completely airtight (sto keep off dst and humidity) and waterproof up to 3metres. The foam inserts are removable and can be replaced to create customized spaces that cradle your gadget.

Bottom Line

Well, having acquired these special gadgets for yourself, you are good to begin your memorable adventure and enjoy much more as these gadgets will serve you the best. Incase you were not aware of one, add it to your tech box tool and have a blast of an adventure to tell about.